Controlling Mesh Effects in Integrated Process and Device Simulation, with Valery Axelrad, presented at International Workshop on Statistical Metrology, June 98.

Using SUPREM4 and PISCES to do metal line RC calculations. Presented at SPIE Microelectronic Manufacturing, October 97.

Re-examination of 2D Dopant Profiling Needs, presentation at NIST Characterization and Metrology workshop (March 98).

Foils from USJ-97 presentation on Shallow Junction Doping Requirements. 2nd half of paper discusses the difference between vertical and lateral junction control. Full paper in JVST-B, Jan/Feb 98.

Dopant Profilng Needs: an Update
Presented to SEMATECH Analytical Lab Managers Working Group, Nov 18, 1997.

TCAD Calibration: Challenges and Opportunities.
Presented at ChiPPS '97 (PDF Format). Abstract and Foils

Dopant Profile Control and Metrology Requirements for Sub 0.5um MOSFETs

A word about the PDF data format: it's much smaller than a PostScript file, with almost the same resolution. A free reader (Acroread) is available from . They also have a small script (at least for unix systems) that allows the file to open up in your browser window, rather than opening a new window.

The newer files were created with Acrobat 3.0, so you may need to update from version 2.1 to view these.

Some people reported trouble viewing these files (blank window), even with Acrobat 3.0. There was some sort of caching problem that appears to be fixed. If not, try re-loading a few times. If that still fails, use the right-mouse button to download it and read it separately in Acroread. Thanks.

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