Mar 5, 1999

Device Simulator Benchmarking by . Some caveats: just because he had trouble with one vendor's advanced transport models does not mean that there aren't similar problems in other vendor's codes. He hasn't tested them yet. He saw large differences between vendors on allegedly the same problem, which I find very disturbing. Even if these differences turn out to be due to operator-error, it re-affirms my statement that these tools are not for casual use. We, as a community, need more comparisons like this. Oct 12, 1998

Some follow-up Q&A to Steve's device benchmarking report. (Nov 2, 1998) Implant Model Discontinuities
Jan 6, 1999

Alternate Implant Tables
Oct 5, 1998

CV vs Grid Spacing
July 9, 1996

May 1, 1996

Limitations & Weaknesses of TCAD Simulators
April 17, 1996

Intro to Calibration
March 19, 1996

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