Ultra Shallow Junctions 99, RTP, North Carolina, March 28-31, 1999. Final agenda

Spring MRS meeting, San Francisco, April 5-9, 1999.

, Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems, Semiconductors, Sensors and Actuators. Apr 19-21, 1999, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Special issue on TCAD, , June, 1999.

The 3rd NASA Ames Device Modeling Workshop is planned for August 12-13, 1999. A session on CMOS Devices at the End of the Roadmap and beyond is being planned by Dimitri Antoniadis and Mark Lundstrom. Stay tuned for further details.

European MRS, Strasbourg, France - June 1st to 4th, 1999

Here is to the MRS meeting, where you can read about Symposium C, Progress in Materials Computational Science, as well as Symposium L (above)

, Sept 6-9, 1999, Kyoto.

, Challenges in Predictive Process Simulation, Germany, April 2000.

SISPAD 2000, Sept 6-8, Seattle, Washington.

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