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Apr 12, 1999

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Jan 5, 1999

A is now online. (April 12, 1999)

The 3rd NASA Ames Device Modeling Workshop is planned for August 12-13, 1999. It will include a session on CMOS Devices at the End of the Roadmap.

Thanks to the PISCES-for-Win32 beta testers (especially Dave Clark). for the executable, graciously provided by the late-night efforts of . This program will run under 32bit Windows operating systems on X86 architectures, including Win95/Win98/WinNT. They are "naive" ports in that they run best from a command line environment (MS-DOS window). Dragging the icon of a PISCES input file in Windows Explorer and dropping it on the PISCES icon doesn't work. MINIMOS6 on the horizon. (Mar 15, 1999).

Roy Jewell left Avant! earlier this week. I believe he is retired from TCAD. (Mar 5, 1999)

SIMS vs SIMS added to Calibration page. (Mar 5, 1999)

Here is the final agenda for the Ultra Shallow Junctions conference. (Feb 11, 1999)

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