Directions to My Office

Michael Duane
Advanced Micro Devices
5204 E. Ben White Blvd, MS 608      (MS 608 is important)
Austin, Texas, 78741 

Phone: (512) 602-6153 
Fax: (512) 602-2571  

Basically, you take I-35 south past downtown, across the river and exit at Oltorf and head east.

Here is an image, courtesy of . E. Oltorf extends all the way to Montopolis now. Red line in upper left is I-35. Green line is Highway 71, also known as Ben White Blvd. The road connecting E. Oltorf and Ben White in the center of the image is Alvin Devane, and that's a little too far east.

So, although the mailing address is Ben White, Oltorf is the better street to use. There is an Oltorf exit off of I-35 (the main North/South highway). Oltorf is a few exits south of downtown. Head east, past a lot of fast food restaurants and apartments. There will be several stop lights and stop signs. As you're going up the last hill, there will suddenly be a large building on the right. That's it. Turn at the first entrance ("A"). This is building 4. Go about 100 yards and park in the visitor parking near the flagpoles.

SEMATECH is located on Montopolis, a little south of Grove, and north of Oltorf.


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