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I didn't want to call this a bug page. Let's just say that they are things you should be aware of.

Tonyplot Xj. We all love Tonyplot, but I noticed a difference in junction location when I compared the results of an extract statement and the value I got when using the Ruler in Tonyplot. Turns out that Tonyplot uses linear interpolation, not log, to draw the junction. If your grid is fine enough, it won't be that much different. The lin/log issue is a generic one - I remember seeing it in an early version of SUPREM-3. (Jan 26, 1999)

Deckbuild vs VWF extract: I have a case where I get different results between Deckbuild and VWF. The VWF results are obviously incorrect. This is a 1D dose extraction. This problem was corrected in Deckbuild a while back, but apparently, not in VWF. The surprise for me was to learn that different versions of Extract are used in the two programs. The vendor was not able to reproduce my results. (Jan 26, 1999).

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