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It wouldn't be right to not mention the original TCAD quip first:

"Yesterday's problems solved tomorrow"

Ok, this next one isn't exactly TCAD, but it is semiconductor. What's wrong with this picture taken from Solid State Technology?


David Ziskind - ex-super-co-op

Q: How many PhD's does it take to model a MOSFET CV curve?
A: Five.

(Accurate Doping Profile Determination Using TED/QM Models Extensible to Sub-Quarter Micron nMOSFETs. Yu, Z.; Dutton, R.; Griffin, P.; Vande Voorde, P.; Oh, S., 1996 IEDM.)

loop optimize error=1e-6
set q=1.6e-19 low=0 high=3e-19 optimize
extract vt

Idea by Chandramouli, "code" by Michael

In Scotland there was a young lad,
who lauded Technology CAD.
There was never a quibble,
until he tried DIBL;
you can imagine the problems he had!

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